Insert File Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Insert File Plugin for Windows Live Writer 1.4

This plugin inserts a file as attachment within your blog post
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There are many times that we want to include a file in the blog post. We generally do this using the file attachement option available in blogging platform, but here comes a nice little plugin by Justin Braun that goes by the name of Insert File Plugin for Windows Live Writer, as the name suggest this plugin is compatible with all the versions of Windows Live Writer. This is a perfect alternative to having to manually upload an attachment that you want to include with a post. It is very simple to install this plugin, after installation the plugin is automatically detected by Windows Live Writer & it is included in you plugin list. You can attach any kind of file using this plugin, whether it be JPEG, DOC, PDF or a file without any extension. There are two extra options given in this plugin that can be used while specifying a file. One of them is Link Caption which gives a user understandable name to the file, it is just like giving a 'titie' attribute to a hyperlink. Second Option is a Link Prefix that allows you to display a prefix before your file's link.

Vineet Sharma
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